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World’s Largest Telescope 1925

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THE LARGEST TELESCOPE IN THE WORLD is soon to be in operation at Seattle, Washington, according to a news item in the New York Herald Tribune. It will be a reflector, with a mirror 120 inches in diameter. The telescope itself and the great observatory now being erected to house it will be the gift of Charles H. Fyre. “The mammoth speculum, the largest ever cast in the world, is being completed by T. S. M. Shearman, Canadian astronomer and telescope builder, in specially constructed shops in Vancouver, B. C.,” the delicate work of grinding the mirror to the right curvature being done by hand. The Herald Tribune account continues:

“The largest existing telescope to-day is the instrument at the Mount Wilson Observatory, mounting a 100-inch speculum. The next in size, seventy-three inches across, is at Little Saanich, B.C., Canada.

“The Fyre Observatory is remarkable for several features. It is the first erected primarily for public education. The mirror is the first large optical lens ever cast on the North American continent.

“The observatory itself will contain a collection of astronomical photographs gathered from every part of the world.

“There are about 5,000 stars visible on a clear night to the naked eye. A sixty-inch reflector makes 219,000,000 stars visible.

“The Mount Wilson speculum brings into view 320,000,000, while the big Fyre telescope will, according to conservative estimates, make visible at least 400,000,000 stars of the twentieth magnitude.

“A huge dome 100 feet in diameter and 150 feet in height will house the heavy machinery used to manipulate the ponderous reflector and refractors of the big telescope.”

Source: The Literary Digest for July 25, 1925

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