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The Telephone Hour 1929

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Bring Them “back Home” … by Telephone

HOLIDAYS over . . . children on their way back to school . . . friends scattered . . . grown sons and daughters off to the city again. . . .

But there is one sure way of bringing them “back home” all through the year. By telephone!

Talking to them is next best to seeing them. And out of town calls are so easy to make these days, so clear and inexpensive. Nineteen million telephones in this country alone are linked to your own in one great System and you can call any of them, anywhere, any time you wish.

Telephones should be one of the great conveniences in your home. With them you can make nearly all of your social engagements. You can “voice visit” with friends, no matter where they are. You can keep family ties alive. You can widen your circle of activity and companionship.

Telephone Hour is one way many households keep in touch with friends who live in other cities, and members of the family who are away. Regularly they place calls to them. It takes but a few minutes and is thoroughly reasonable in cost; yet it pays large returns in appreciation and affection. Why not have a Telephone Hour this week and every week thereafter?

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