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The Bobbed Hairstyle of the 1920’s

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Here is an excerpt from a twenties book on hairstyling:


“The present bobbed hair vogue began during the World War. Practically all the women who drove ambulances had their hair cut for reasons of sanitation and convenience. Gradually other women in French civil life, as well as those engaged in auxiliary military duties, Red Cross Work, etc., adopted this simple, practical, youthful hair style. 

Along about the end of the war in 1918, Mrs. Vernon Castle, the graceful ballroom dancer, started the short hair fashion in America which made the “Castle Bob” famous. This style was also termed the “Dutch” or “Page Bob.”

Shortly after this, Ina Claire, the lovely and talented comedienne, appeared with a still shorter bob, her hair waved close to her head. With modifications, the Ina Claire Bob is still used effectively by a number of women.

The period of 1923 to 1928 witnessed an increasing number of girls and women parting with their long locks. But surely you remember that even then many a woman would not have an inch or strand of hair cut off, because her husband, father or son would not like it. Why? It was not motherly!”

You can read the rest of the article on Bobbed Hair here

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