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The 1927 Orthophonic Victrola

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The New Orthophonic Victrola

The human voice is human on the New Orthophonic Victrola

A GREAT artist sings in concert, and thousands press for admittance. Many wait in line for hours. Some are turned away, disappointed. Attend the concerts, by all means, but enjoy these same golden voices in your own home. . . whenever you wish . . . through the new Orthophonic Victrola.

This amazing instrument brings you vocal music in all its original purity and power. Tones of correct, natural volume. Tones neither too thin nor too loud, but full, round and mellow. The new Orthophonic Victrola catches the very personality of the artist. You can even hear the singer inhale for the next note, so realistic is Orthophonic reproduction!

The world’s best music always at your finger-tips.

In no other way can you have such singing in your home, for the Ortho-phonic Victrola is based upon the new, scientific principle—”matched impedance”—which makes possible the full, free flow of sound, undiminished and unmarred. This revolutionary principle is controlled exclusively by Victor!

Another Victor achievement, equaling that of the Orthophonic instrument, is the new Orthophonic Victor Record. It has new beauty and depth, a richer resonance. Recorded by microphone and made from an improved material, practically all foreign noises have been eliminated. The new Victor Records are living re-creations of the artists themselves. They play on any instrument . . . and greatly improve its playing quality!

Words can give you but the faintest impression of the thrill in store for you at the nearest Victor dealer’s. Have a demonstration today. Go … in your most skeptical mood! There are many beautiful models of the Orthophonic Victrola, from $95 to $300, list price. Silent electric motor ($35 extra) eliminates winding. You play. . . and relax.

The Orthophonic Victrola furnishes the finest music for the home. The Credenza – Number Eight-thirty is $300, list price.

Victor Talking Machine adevertisement from The Literary Digest for March 5, 1927

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