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Sofas of Distinction Part 2

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In choosing a sofa the size of the room must be considered, as well as the scale of the other furniture with which it is to be used. If space must be conserved there is no better way of doing it than by selecting a sofa of three-quarter size, which is more than adequate for most occasions. Such sofas may be found in various lengths, from about forty-five to sixty inches over-all, the latter dimension being sufficiently important and very adaptable for rooms of medium size. Desirable three-seat sofas come from sixty-six to ninety inches over-all in length, depending upon type—the greater lengths usually being found in especially large-sized Virginia sofas. In the entirely overstuffed style, an average and very usable three-seat sofa measures about seventy-three inches over-all; in such an actual sofa, showing Hepplewhite lines, there is a difference of twenty-four inches between it and a sofa made just like it in three-quarter size, the latter measuring forty-nine inches over-all. This comparative difference is a gauge for other types, since usually most sofas may be had in either size. Three-quarter-size sofas may start as low as fifty dollars. Full-size sofas of good design may be found somewhat under a hundred dollars—and on up.

Sofas depend greatly on actual type for much of their measure of good looks. A fine foot, the veriest hint of flare in the arm, a broken headline, a graceful slope of back, will mean everything in style to the most unassuming piece, and allow it to attain distinction, while these earmarks of the finer types are demanded in the more expensive sofas as a matter of course by those who have learned to appreciate fine furniture. Sofas which conform even slightly to such period influences as William and Mary, Queen Anne, Chippendale, Hepplewhite, Sheraton, and Duncan Phyfe, are in great demand, and in simplified forms they add character and beauty to the most unpretentious room.

Unpretentious Sofa

A very good example of fine lines in an unpretentious sofa may be found in the two-seat model, shown above, which may also be obtained in the larger sizes of the same style.

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