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Planning the 1920’s Home Garden

Posted August 20, 2013 by admin with No Comments in Gardening

THE first considerations in the composition of a garden or the grounds around one’s place are privacy, shelter, and unity of design.

The planning and arrangement of the features of a garden should be as carefully considered as the choice and placing of the furniture in one’s home, or the choosing of one’s clothes. The garden should present a suitable, agreeable and comfortable composition.

The arrangement of the drives and the grading of the lawns, the drainage when necessary, and the relations of the buildings and other structures should all be preconceived and settled in an orderly, economical manner. As far as possible, there should be no mistake about the main permanent features. The minor features may be changed quite a great deal in the coming years and almost surely will, as new ideas and points of view assert themselves. This changing of the minor features is a part of the recreation of gardening. Thus, one may considerably alter the contour of a shrubbery border, or may indeed eliminate it altogether. The same holds good of flower beds and borders which are easily altered, removed or added to; but with large trees or the heavier groups of shrubs, the expense of removal and shifting prohibit this being done except out of dire necessity.

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