RADIO ADVANCES 1929 by JOHN V. L. HOGAN Radio Engineer and Inventor THE growth of radio during 1929 has been not only in the improvement of technical processes and apparatus, but also in the organization and extension of its services and in the adaptation of radio principles to work in various other fields. Public contact with radio is mainly throu... continued here

BLUEBERRY MUFFINS. – Muffins containing blueberries can be made successfully only in blueberry season, but other fruit, as, for example, dates, may be used in place of the blueberries. Cranberries are often used in muffins, but to many persons they are not agreeable because of the excessive amount of acid they contain. BLUEBERRY MUFFINS (Suff... continued here

GEOGRAPHY ADVANCEMENTS 1929 by WILLIAM BOWIE Chief, Division of Geodesy, U. S. Coast and Geodetic Survey Source: POPULAR SCIENCE MONTHLY – January 1930 EXPLORATIONS have been in progress or initiated during the year along a number of different lines. Commander Richard Evelyn Byrd has been in the Antarctic, exploring the edges of the ice field... continued here

A COLD SUMMER; AS PREDICTED THIS SUMMER HAS REWARDED its prophets, Dr. E. E. Free believes. In an article contributed to The Herald Tribune (New York), he bids us note that nearly three years ago two unofficial meteorologists, Mr. Herbert Janvrin Browne, of Washington, and Mr. H. H. Clayton, of Massachusetts, began predicting that 1927 would resemb... continued here

THROUGH THE HEART of the great American desert, the sand-dune country between Arizona and Southern California which forms a barrier on one of the chief transcontinental highway routes, a paved road has just been completed. This is characterized by N. M. Harkins, of Los Angeles, writing in Good Roads (Chicago), as “one of the most unusual fea... continued here

THE STUMBLING-BLOCK TO CHURCH REUNION FEELING KEENLY that it would be a humiliating reflection upon the validity of their own ministry if they agreed to a reordination of the clergy as a requisite for church union, the Board of Bishops of the Methodist Episcopal Church have formally rejected the overtures of the Lambeth Conference. As told in these... continued here

AGNOSTICISM IN THE SCHOOLS A RELIGIOUS REVIVAL may be on the way, as some believe; but against this optimistic theory lies the charge that some of the country’s most prominent universities and colleges, and even many high schools, have become “incubators of agnosticism,” and are busy turning out atheists. Among the lecturers and w... continued here

“Decorative Draperies and Upholstery” by Edward Thorne was first published in 1929 and contains 64 stunning inspirational illustrations. We have just added a couple of sections from the book to our web-site. These relate to the history of drapery, and living room drapes. At this stage there are no illustrations but the different deco... continued here

In 1924 the WOMAN’S INSTITUTE OF DOMESTIC ARTS AND SCIENCES of Scranton, Pa published a comprehensive Cooking Course. The Woman’s Institute Library of Cookery consists of five volumes that cover the various phases of the subject of cookery as it is carried on in the home. Volume 1 deals with the essentials of cookery, cereals, bre... continued here

Those who would “talk down” the bull market when the more obvious part of the record is against them have eagerly seized upon the figures of stocks which have declined and of stocks which have gone up. They contend that in reality we have been having a bear market. On the other hand, they neglect to state that the various statistics on ... continued here