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Lindbergh Mail Problems 1927

Posted June 24, 2014 by admin with No Comments in Business Economy

COLONEL CHARLES A. LINDBERGH’S chief secretarial aide, Commander Fitzhugh Green, has made public the recently completed cataloguing of the popular flier’s mail. He states that Lindbergh has received 3,500,000 letters and 100,000 telegrams. Business offers totaled $7,000,000. One was an offer of $1,000,000 by a motion picture corporation if he would be photographed in an actual marriage ceremony with any girl he chose to wed. There were several thousand proposals of marriage and three invitations to join in an attempt to reach the moon via skyrockets. About 14,000 persons sent the aviator gifts and about 500 “close relatives” asked for money. Letters from women far outnumbered those from men. Over $10,000 in stamps were inclosed in letters for return postage.

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