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Interior Decorating

Posted October 13, 2013 by admin with No Comments in Interior Decorating

INTERIOR OF A 1920's HOUSEMany homes of the twenties were decorated in the Arts & Crafts style, variations of traditional Georgian and Colonial styles, or Art Moderne which embraced the marvels of the Machine Age of the 1920’s and 1930’s.

Movies had a big influence on homes by giving ordinary people a glimpse of the interiors of homes of the rich and famous, to which they then aspired. This led to a higher standard of interior decoration and created work for interior designers. The rise of magazines like House and Garden also inspired the rising middle class to higher standards of housing and decoration.

For those who could afford it, bathrooms (and to a certain extent, kitchens) in particular increased in standard from a purely utilitarian space to one of positive opulence.

Architects and interior designers of the period recommended simplicity, inside and outside the home. There was an emphasis on functionality, efficiency, economy, and cleanliness. Kitchen, living and dining rooms opened on to each other creating a larger space that achieved unity by the use of similar finishing materials in each room. Built-in furniture, such as bookcases, breakfast nooks, sideboards, china cases and window seats, reduced the amount of free-standing furniture. This enabled rooms in bungalow type houses to be small and cosy without being cluttered.

We have added Bernard Jakway’s “Principles of Interior Decoration” that explains the prevailing principles of interior decorating in the 1920’s.

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