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Gulbransen Pianos and Pianolas 1926

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YOU have missed the greatest joy in music if you have never played yourself

And now you can. You need no musical training. Yet, you can play with all the expression, with all the skill of a practiced pianist.

You can enjoy the thrill of putting yourself into the music you play—your own touch, your own personality.

It seems incredible. Yet, thirty minutes with the Gulbransen Registering Piano will convince you—and amaze you.

The Gulbransen plays by roll—but you control its playing. You can hush it to a whisper, or release its clear, sweet tones in brilliant volume. You can play fast or slow, accent melody and harmony notes, accompany voices or other instruments. It is simple and easy.

You can, in a word, do anything that you could do if you played by hand. This is true of the Gulbransen alone— the only piano of its kind in the world.

Only the Gulbransen has the special patented construction—the Reg-istering feature—which registers ex-actly your individual touch. Ordinary roll-played pianos lack this feature. The Gulbransen, having it, is responsive, personal, human. It gives you all the enjoyment of hand playing. Its music cannot be told from hand playing.

That is why the Gulbransen is the largest selling piano in America today. Thousands of pianists, recognizing its superb quality, own it and play it both by hand and by roll.

As a straight piano, for hand playing, the Gulbransen is an instrument of the highest rank. As a Registering Piano, the Gulbransen plays all music rolls.

Thirty minutes will reveal to you a new world of musical enjoyment with the Gulbransen. Call upon the Gulbransen dealer near you and ask for a demonstration—entirely without obligation on your part. If you do not know him, write us for his name.

A small cash payment will put the Gulbransen Registering Piano in your home. Subsequent payments to suit your convenience. Allowance will be made for your present piano or other musical instrument.

Four upright Registering models: Community, $450; Suburban, $530; Country Seat, $615; White House, $700. Gulbransen Grand, $785; Registering Grand, $1275. Three Uprights played by hand only: Style W, $440; Style S, $350; Style C, $305. For your protection we stamp the price of each instrument on the back at the factory.

The National Association of Piano Tuners recommends that all pianos he tuned from two to jour times a year—your Gulbransen deserves this care.

Gulbransen advertisement in The Ladies Home Journal, June 1926

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