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Dirigible Crashes 1900 – 1925

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CRASH OF SHENANDOAH 1925The first quarter of the 20th Century saw Dirigibles become a major force in aviation. However, the fiery crash of the Hindenberg captured on movie film was a setback that the dirigible industry never recovered from. Prior to the Hindenberg there had been many other crashes, but they were not filmed, and so had less effect on the public. Here are a few of the crashes:

1900—LZ-1, Count Zeppelin’s first rigid dirigible, was destroyed by a hurricane on Lake Constance. Up to date 118 Zeppelins have been built at Friedrichshafen, of which only the Los Angeles (ZR-3) remains.

1912—Dirigible balloon America, ready for transatlantic flight, exploded at Atlantic City, killing five.

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1913—Zeppelin L-l exploded off Heligoland September 9, killing 15.

1913—Zeppelin L-2 caught fire, October 17, above the Johannesthal Airdrome in Germany, killing 28.

1914—Austrian dirigible Parseval in collision with airplane at Vienna on June 20, exploded, killing seven.

1916—Super-Zeppelin lost, November 25, during test trip. All missing but one.

1918—Zeppelin fell in flames at Dalheim, Germany, July 19. All lost.

1918—Two Zeppelins lost off Norway in August.

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