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Choosing Dining Room Chairs Part 2

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Appropriate Dining Room Chairs

THE dining room chairs at the left and in the middle of the group shown on this page are appropriate and beautiful designs to be used with any type of gate-leg table or the plainer makes of refectory tables now in vogue for the combination dining and living room. There are a number of variations of the Chippendale design, such as the one illustrated at the right of the group shown here, which are appropriate for small dining rooms in Colonial or Chippendale furnishings. These have cushioned seats that may be covered in leather, tapestry or denim in a color to harmonize with the chosen color scheme. Arm chairs to match may also be purchased.

Dining Room Chairs

It is possible always to obtain both chairs and tables that are honest and strong in construction, but which are neither clumsy nor ugly in shape. Decoration should follow to fit the structural shape, and gentle curves soften the lines of construction without weakening the article. Pieces of furniture made in past ages that have stood the test of time and changing conditions have an unquestioned value today, but there is a serious problem as to how their reproductions may be used in modern times.

The wisdom of strict adherence to period furniture for general use in the dining room, or elsewhere in the house, is questionable because its cost is usually out of all proportion to the result obtained. There are many beautiful and artistic but much less expensive pieces that are perhaps more in keeping with modern use. One satisfactory method is that of combining periods under close decorative influence. Thus in one dining room with an Adam mantel and gate-leg table, the chairs were Heppelwhite with a Sheraton arm chair and desk. In another dining room the furniture is not a full suite, but odd pieces all of Italian design.

If there is one room in the house where a feeling of gayety and hospitality should abound it is the dining room. Too often dark and somber conventional furniture, together with clumsy plate rails and bold and striking wall paper designs have made of this room a deplorably ugly and gloomy place.

Part 2 of a 1924 magazine article on choosing Dining Room Furniture

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