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Winter Cruises

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Famous Italian Ocean Liners offer an outstanding program of WINTER CRUISES to the MEDITERRANEAN HOLY LAND EGYPT JAN. 27 . . . VULCANIA . . . 40 Days, 18 Calls. Remarkable Mediterranean-Adriatic itinerary including 8 full days at Trieste for visiting Northern Italy or Central Europe. Famous Cosulich liner calling at Madeira, Gibraltar, Algiers, Palma de Majorca, Cannes, Naples, Palermo, Patras, Ragusa, Trieste, Lisbon, Azores. First Class $435 up, TOURIST $240 up. FEB. 10 . . . ROMA . . . 39 Days, 12 Calls. The whole Mediterranean with call at Ceuta, colorful African port, on favorite Lido vessel. Also Madeira, Naples, Phaleron (Athens), Istanbul, Rhodes, Haifa, Port Said, Genoa, Cannes, Gibraltar. First Class $485 up, TOURIST $270 up. FEB.15… …

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Mauretania vs Bremen

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Mauretania’s record crossing of the Atlantic in 1929 following a refit 22 years after being launched.

French Ocean Liner Ile de France in 1927

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Shipping Line owners engaged in competition with each other to produce the fastest and most luxurious ships afloat. One of these opulent ships was the Ile de France. This 1927 account gives a description of this magnificent ship: ALL THINGS TO ALL MEN” might be a fitting motto for the new French liner, which has just been welcomed to New York on her maiden voyage from Havre; for every phase of worldly and unworldly inclination seems to have been provided for in the huge steamship’s design. Crossing the pond in her sumptuous precincts, the art lover may find a wealth of study in the realm of modern decoration, the devotee may seek contemplation in an exquisite and duly consecrated chapel, …

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