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Too many Baseball Home Runs 1924

Posted July 10, 2014 by admin with No Comments in Sport

BASEBALL SHUDDERS AT THE HOME-RUN MENACE THERE were too many home-runs last summer—so many, in fact, that the popularity of baseball is said to be facing something like a crisis. As a result, the best minds and magnates of the Major Leagues will spend much of this winter, reports a sports writer, Irving E. Sanborn, devising ways and means for “the rescue of the home-run from the ranks of the commonplace, and its restoration to its distinguished position in the esteem of baseball fans.” The average fan, says Mr. Sanborn, may be more forcibly imprest with the necessity for breaking the New York monopoly of major pennants and World’s Series, or the resumption of the privilege of drafting recruits from …

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Spalding Matched Golf Irons 1927

Posted May 25, 2014 by admin with 1 Comment in Sport

Spalding discovered that mild steel banishes finger fatigue So the heads of the world’s most accurately matched golf “irons “are made of this superior metal A STEEL clubhead hits a golf ball with a terrific impact. Where does the shock of the blow go? Spalding has discovered that it depends largely upon the kind of steel used. Brittle steel resists the blow, transmitting the shock to your fingers. A succession of such blows often causes finger fatigue, that barely perceptible tiring of the finger muscles, which, by the end of a round, can affect the accuracy of your short game. Mild steel absorbs the shock of the blow. Your fingers are relieved of the strain, a desirable condition in all …

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