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Jazz – A Scourge, 1921

Posted June 2, 2014 by admin with No Comments in Music

Unspeakable Jazz Must Go! It is worse than Saloon and Scarlet Vice, Testify Professional Dance Experts – Only a Few Cities are Curbing Evil. EXPERTS tell in this article the nation-wide aspects of our jazz scourge. They say legal prohibition of all dancing may come.   A reform movement has been started by cities and volunteer groups. A committee of women is helping to regulate in Chicago.   It looks as if the common people are in reaction against “common behavior. Decency is regaining popularity among those who work for a living.   Meanwhile the idle rich are getting ranker. There are few signs of reform in high places. The “worst case” was observed on the dancing floor of an …

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American Premiere of Ravel’s Bolero in 1929

Posted April 23, 2014 by admin with Comments Off on American Premiere of Ravel’s Bolero in 1929 in Music

HISSES HAVE FOLLOWED THE RENDITION of much modern music, but joy would have warmed the heart of the Frenchman, Ravel, to hear the shouts and plaudits following Toscanini’s conducting of his “Bolero.” The composition is a year old, and was presented, two weeks ago, for the first time in New York. Carnegie Hall rocked; and music critics were rapt out of their megrims in describing the effect of this electric composition. The music depicts a Spanish dance, and in the analysis by Olin Downs of the New York Times, shows that “this master of modern musical speech builds his tonal structure over the simplest possible harmonic bass, and makes exactly one modulation from key, at the final climax.” Further: The …

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