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Fashion Tips for Woman Motorists – 1917

Posted May 10, 2014 by admin with No Comments in Fashion

It is not easy to be decorative in your automobile now that the manufacturers are going in for gay colour schemes both in upholstery and outside painting. A putty-coloured touring car lined with red leather is very stunning in itself, but the woman who would look well when sitting in it does not carelessly don any bright motor coat at hand. She knows very well that to show up to advantage against red, and be in harmony with the putty-colour paint, her tweed coat should blend with the car, also her furs. Black is smart with everything, but fancy how impossible mustard, cerise and some shades of green would look against that scarlet leather!An orange car with black top, mud-guards …

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Ladies Winter Fashions 1920

Posted March 28, 2014 by admin with 1 Comment in Fashion

If you would like to see what ladies were wearing in the Winter of 1920-21 then take a look in the fashion section of We have added fashion information from a quarterly publication – “Woman’s Institute Fashion Service – Fall & Winter 1920-21” to our web-site.  It was originally prepared for the exclusive use of students of the Woman’s Institute Course in dressmaking and designing by Mary Brooks Picken, and illustrated by Alice Siepp. Since the models in the illustrations are all wearing hats, it is also a good guide to the millinery of 1920. This is an excellent fashion magazine for historical clothing buffs and dressmakers looking for inspiration. You can find the Fashion Service magazine here

How to create Marcel Wave hairstyles

Posted December 27, 2013 by admin with No Comments in Fashion

How to create Marcel Waves – a 1920s hairstyle book that has been republished in electronic format for downloading.

Home-made Hats

Posted October 22, 2013 by admin with No Comments in Fashion

A short hat-making course from the early 1900’s has been added to the web-site. It provides simple instructions on how to make popular hats of the period. These instructions are just as useful today as they were 90 years ago. There is even a section on selecting the right type of hat to suit your face, hair style, and hair color. We will be adding a lot more information on hats and millinery of the 1920’s so check back at least once per month. You can find the Millinery Course here

How to do Finger Waves

Posted October 8, 2013 by admin with No Comments in Fashion

Finger Waves from the 1920’s and 1930’s We have republished a rare 1920’s book on Finger Waving, in electronic form. It teaches how to do finger waves in the way that added style and variation to the short, intermediate, and long bobs of the 1920’s and 1930’s – the beautiful bobs of the modern era. It is difficult to find good information on finger waves. These finger waving waving lessons were created by an experienced hair stylist of the 1920’s, so there is no better or more accurate and authentic information available than is contained in the lessons. The illustrations and instructions in “Finger Waving Techniques” have been selected to help you master the intricacies of finger waves. You will …

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Bobbed Hairstyles – 1920s Cutting and Styling

Posted August 14, 2013 by admin with No Comments in Fashion

Create Beautiful Bobbed Haircuts Following on from the long hair hairstyles of the Victorian era and up until the First World War, the nineteen-twenties ushered in an era of shorter hair styles based on the Bob. Numerous variations of the Bob were developed and then enhanced with various styling techniques. Learn how to create the short, intermediate, and long bobs of the 1920’s and 1930’s – the beautiful bobs of the modern era. Learn how to cut and mould to the contours of the head and neck…the natural hair lines…and the facial features. Learn how to emphasize good features and minimize defects to create a hairstyle which will have lines and beauty that enhance a persons charm. The 119 illustrations …

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