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Renee Prahar, Sculptor – 1922 Article

Posted May 30, 2014 by admin with No Comments in Art

A Pioneer in the fantastic and the grotesque, is what Henry McBride, the art critic, calls Renee Prahar, the sculptor. And a New York gallery is showing so much of her work as to support the attribution. “Nothing could seem stranger in description—to prove so beautiful when seen—than the ‘monkey room,’ one of three interiors which will form part of an exhibition of her works, to take place soon. Miss Prahar is very fond of monkeys, and of all animals. She returns from Bronx Park with keen memories of their decorative possibilities, and thereupon preserves them in limewood, painted in brilliant cobalt, as the dominant theme of an entrance hall. Brooding blue monkeys on columns stand at the door. One crouches …

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American Drama 1916 Part 2

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WHAT was needed to remake the theater was not better managers, better actors, better playwrights, but—fore and aft— that same sixth sense, a “national consciousness” that would enable us to distinguish the better ones when we saw them. We needed to think “theater” in America, not solely as a place for entertainment, but also as the home of an art which has the composite power of all the arts combined to amuse and stimulate and edify and charm. We needed—a great many of us at the same time—to want good plays of all kinds, good comedies and farces, tragedies and melodramas, slices of earth and flights of imagination, pictures of our own life as our own artists saw it, and …

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Coles Phillips – Illustrator

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The originator of the Fadeaway Girl is not of the long-haired, flowing bow-tie variety of artists, but prides himself on his practicality and enjoys having his friends call him “sane and business-like,” which he is. He lives in New Rochelle, the New York suburb which now has another claim to fame than the fact that it is “Forty-Five Minutes from Broadway,” and there in his studio overlooking Long Island Sound, with his slender, sweet-faced wife as a model, he does much of his best work. For the wife of C. Coles Phillips is the inspiration of the art that has made him famous. America has opened wide her arms to welcome this new creation. The Coles Phillips Girl typifies the …

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American Drama 1916 Part 1

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A SPECIAL YEAR OF AMERICAN DRAMA: BY EDITH J. R. ISAACS (Chairman American Drama Committee, Drama League of America) IN China, any man who writes an unmoral play is threatened by the social religious code with a purgatory lasting as long as his play continues to be produced. This is exactly as it should be. It is a delightfully simple and obvious means of placing the responsibility of art to society where it finally belongs—with the artist, relieving society of the burden of obligation— so large a one with us—of being the receivers of bad art. It is easy to conceive the peace and satisfaction that comes to the soul of an ardent and devout Chinese first-nighter in the knowledge …

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