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Parthenon Recreated in Nashville 1925

Posted May 3, 2014 by admin with No Comments in Architecture

TENNESSEE’S NEW PARTHENON GENTLY, AS BEFITS THE FRENCH, a Parisian journalist pokes fun at the Tennesseeans for erecting at Nashville a superb copy of the Parthenon. It shows how genuinely they admire things European, he finds. Also, it reveals a certain discontent with things American. However, these are phenomena to be perceived only by those who can peer behind the mask of national pretense. As we are told, “The Americans affect to regard the Old World with a good-natured disdain. Convinced that they are the saviors of humanity, they make free to criticize our methods, our minds, our morals, and our usages. But their pride in being a new race is secretly tainted with chagrin over having no ancestors. ‘It’s …

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Description of a Bungalow from 1926

Posted March 23, 2014 by admin with No Comments in Architecture

THE term “Bungalow” provides a curious example of how we Americans overwork a word that is euphonious and the meaning of which, because of the word’s comparatively recent assimilation into the language, is somewhat uncertain. One hears nearly every type of country or suburban home called a bungalow, provided only that the house is somewhat informal or picturesque in its lines. Someone has facetiously remarked that in the new dictionaries a bungalow should be defined as ” a house that looks as if it had been built for less money than it actually cost.” It seems worth while, in view of the popular misconception of the word’s actual significance, to look into its derivation with the purpose of finding out …

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Building with Metal Lath in 1921

Posted March 2, 2014 by admin with No Comments in Architecture

DEVELOPMENT of metal lath as a basic exterior wall material has been one of the remarkable features of recent progress. Its easy adaptability to every kind of building has led to its wide use and the attendant evolution from crude to perfect construction has brought forth several distinct types of exterior wall, of which the back-plastered form has been found by actual tests to be the most efficient. In back-plastered construction the studs are erected as usual, but no sheathing is used. Furring strips (metal preferred) are placed along the studs and the metal lath attached at once. The metal lath is placed with the long dimensions (8 ft.) across the supports and fastened by nailing or stapling every 6 …

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Small Houses 1916

Posted January 22, 2014 by admin with No Comments in Architecture

LITTLE HOUSES IN BRICK AND STUCCO REASONABLENESS and imagination, recognized by the Mediaeval builders as the underlying principles of all great architecture. should be as inseparably united in the small home of today us they were in the great cathedrals of old. For the little house is an expression of thought, though a very different kind of a one, as well us a cathedral. It is also an expression of art—if beauty be combined with usefulness. Art was born as has often been pointed out, when useful things were accurately and beautifully made were formed with vision. A square box strengthened with iron bands was a useful thing. When the bands were made in graceful forms and the box carved, …

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Building with Wood in 1921

Posted December 6, 2013 by admin with No Comments in Architecture

TO many Americans the house of wood will perhaps always typify the home. This is not strange when it is recalled that the larger part of the development of our early houses dating back to the colonial days grew up around the use of wood. Wonderful growths of timber were at hand, only needing the axe and saw to turn them into building material which could be quickly erected to form a shelter.  As time went on and there was greater opportunity for more ambitious building a class of highly skilled carpenters and woodworkers was built up. The work these men did is seen today throughout the eastern section of the country and those houses and churches that fortunately remain …

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Prices of Building Materials 1916

Posted September 20, 2013 by admin with No Comments in Architecture

THE TREND OF PRICES OF BUILDING MATERIALS AMONG architects and others interested in the cost of building, the actual situation in the construction field is not always entirely understood, and at the present time particularly the percentages of increase in prices of materials that have taken place since the effect of the war in Europe has been felt in this country, are being quoted by architects to their clients in the most general terms, due apparently to a lack of definite and specific information. “It is of interest to note that in spite of the fact that during the past year and a half, prices of building material have been steadily increasing, the plans filed for building operations indicate that …

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Bungalow Resources for Restorers or Builders

Posted September 3, 2013 by admin with No Comments in Architecture

Bungalow means different things to different people so I’m not going to try and define it. Henry Saylor back in 1926 described the Bengalese bungalow from which the california bungalow was derived – “A low, rambling mass, with wide verandas, overhanging eaves, floors of stone or concrete and single-story construction, are the characteristics of the true Indian bungalow. There is never a second story, never dormer windows to break the long simple roof planes that appear to come down, particularly at the ends or corners, nearly to the ground.” Bungalows are a big favorite of mine. I live in an area that was built up in the 1920’s so the surrounding suburbs are full of beautiful california style bungalows which …

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