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1927 Harley Davidson

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1927 HARLEY-DAVIDSON PACKAGE TRUCKHarley-Davidson 1/4 ton capacity Package Truck

Speed up deliveries at 1/3 present costs!

THE Harley-Davidson Package Truck is cutting down light delivery costs in 43 lines of business. It is the quickest known means of delivery—slips through traffic, parks anywhere, covers two or three times as many miles in a day. And operating costs are but 1/3 the cost of automobile delivery! Only 3 cents per mile!

Now every merchant can extend his trading area. With the quick, dependable, low-cost Harley-Davidson Package Truck—1/4 ton capacity—he can reach out and get business from the outlying districts.

Consider the advertising value of this trim outfit. It is distinctive—attracts favorable attention everywhere.

Let your local Harley-Davidson dealer tell you how the Package Truck is cutting costs for others in your same line of business.

Harley-Davidson advertisement from The Literary Digest for February 19, 1927

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