THE modern social dance is of distinctly recent growth. It is as yet in an embryonic state. Eventually it will yield to one or the other of the two forces that have molded and controlled all dancing from Adam’s time, first the effect on the dancer and second the effect on the audience. As a general thing the more civilized the nation the more... continued here

New hope for Methamphetamine Addicts In the late 1800′s and early 1900′s Opium was the drug of choice by those using artificial stimulants. Today it is methamphetamine (speed or ice) that is a blight on our society. CrystalClear will help those looking to overcome their dependence on meth and help them regain control of their life. Many... continued here

ABOLISHING COLLEGE EXAMS A NEW TERROR may await the fearsome student instead of the bed of roses that the removal of the examination test promises. Just what the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania may propose as a substitute for the “mid-years” and “finals” that they have announced abolished will be awaited wit... continued here

Titian and Auburn Hair Types Part 3 of a 1927 magazine article on choosing fashion colors to suit your hair color and personality THERE are four distinct groups in this class. First, the Titian blonde. The true Titian blonde has flaming red hair that is vivid enough not to be called blond and light enough not to be called auburn; blue, gray or gree... continued here

PINWHEEL BISCUIT RECIPE To create variety, a baking-powder biscuit mixture may be made into pinwheel biscuits, a kind of hot bread that is always pleasing to children. Such biscuits, which are illustrated in Fig. 14, differ from cinnamon rolls only in the leavening agent used, cinnamon rolls being made with yeast and pinwheel biscuits with baking p... continued here

Rabbits may have been a problem in the U.S. and Australia in the first half of the 20th century, but they also provided an important food source for poorer families. These article from the Ladies Home Journal offers lots of different recipes for cooking rabbits. JACK RABBITS have for many years been regarded as pests in the Southwest. That they sho... continued here

ALL the modern furniture in the living room pictured has been chosen because of its distinct Duncan Phyfe characteristics, or else for its suitability for blending harmoniously with the modem renditions of this style. The sofa has real distinction, a swing and flare of line ennobled by its delicately carved frame of mahogany and its fine upholstery... continued here

Debate over the Mellon Tax Reduction Proposal of 1927 THE BATTLE FOR AND AGAINST heavy tax-reduction, which began November 2, when Secretary of the Treasury Mellon recommended a reduction not greater than $225,000,000, “will be between financial and corporation giants,” observes Robert Barry, Washington correspondent of the New York Eve... continued here

An article from “The Literary Digest” of 1921 has been added to the web-site. THE SAVING OF LIFE, especially that of children, is beginning to show in the statistical tables. Great Britain’s population has increased 13 million in the past fifty years, yet the annual deaths are less by 50,000 than in 1871. The average life in that ... continued here

PROHIBITION of alcohol is as far advanced today for the entire world as it was a quarter of a century ago in the United States. Stating the matter in terms of millions of square miles and millions of human beings, there is a dramatic exactness in the comparison between the conditions then and now. It is this: Twenty-five years ago only one-seventee... continued here